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About Wathnan Mall

With the help of God and out of the idea of establishing a mall that enjoys independence, leisure, spaciousness in the design, distribution of activities commensurate with the nature of the place and the achievement of the equation of shopping and family entertainment, Wathnan mall was established as the first family mall in Qatar which became a unique shopping place which has a unique shopping experience in Qatar.

This edifice was established in accordance with the latest modern engineering and technical specifications, while preserving the heritage and urban character of Qatar.

It took 3 years to be built. It locates on 25 K sqm and consist of 3 floors in addition to 6 entrances, 3 of them are main and 3 for the services. Moreover, there are 6 lifts, 2 panoramic lifts and 6 elevators.

Wathnan Mall contain almost 89 shop distributed into different activities such as Masskar hypermarket, Zarabi department store, banking, jewellery, garments, footwears, watches, gifts, glasses, perfumes, women dresses …. etc. It contains a suitable car parking can fit to 700 parks.

Masskar hypermarket is considered to be the best in suppling high quality goods, and prices on the level of the market and even the state. Same is for Zarabi department store.

The mall contains 10 mosques, 5 of them for men and 5 for women distributed on the ground floor, first floor and last floor. The big ones are located in the last floor.

The last floor is containing the food court which contains a series of restaurants suppling different foods suitable for different nationalities.

Prayer Room

Total 10 rooms, 5 of them for women and 5 for men distributed on the ground, first and second floor. The big ones are located in the last floor.

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